Synergy Dynamic Pricing


Every Synergy Implementation is customized to the needs and schedule of the client hotel.

Most implementations are completed over a four to six week period during which time a sequence of steps will be completed.

Hotels should budget between twenty and thirty hours of time from each manager for this implementation process and about three hours per receptionist.

An outline of our standard implementation event sequence is provided below.

  1. Software installation is completed during a brief on-site visit to the hotel by your account manager.
  2. Activation of the PMS interface for scanning reservations data happens in a subsequent step followed by our notifying your PMS vendor of the success or difficulties encountered.
  3. Basic settings are configured, so that managers can immediately log in and get a feeling for the system.
  4. A rate strategy discussion is conducted in order to choose minimum and maximum rate levels for upcoming seasons as well as room upgrade policies and related options.
  5. As managers gain more experience with the system they can better understand the impact of the choices they have made and request fine-tuning adjustments.
  6. A formal onsite training of managers is conducted to ensure they have comfort with all price adjustment controls as well as publishing options.
  7. A formal onsite training of receptionists is conducted to ensure are all comfortable with the system features and able to quote room offers correctly in all scenarios.
  8. On the go-live date, receptionists begin quoting with the Synergy Quick Quote software and automated publishing to all integrated channesl commences.
  9. Further strategy adjustments are implemented according to outcomes of periodic performance review and discussions with the hotel managers about their experiences.

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