Synergy Dynamic Pricing

4 Star Hotels

Hotel Sedartis, **** - Thalwil
All online portals are automatically updated. Which Front Office manager does not dream about that? We did not hesitate to choose Synergy. This decision has really paid off. Thanks to Synergy, we increased our Average Rate last year by CHF 11.
- Christian Pfund, Director

Seedamm Plaza, **** - Pfäffikon
In addition to the dynamic pricing, which is always calculating the perfect room rate, the integrated channel manager is one of the biggest advantages that the Synergy has. This makes rate parity across all channels very easy for us to achieve.
- Tobi Reichgruber, Front Office Director

Hotel Rudolfshof Vitality, **** - Kaprun, Austria
Synergy has been so helpful to me It reacts without emotion or fear - just purely on facts and data. Many hoteliers tend simply to lower the price in low season. But Synergy handles all seasons strategically. It keeps our revenues strong and this is confirmed by the impressive booking numbers we have had so far.
- Cornelia Kensy Director

Hotel Löwen am See Zug, **** - Zug
With Synergy, pricing our rooms based on supply and demand has really become a breeze.
- Joseph Ruckli, Hotelier

Hotel Metropole, **** - Interlaken
Synergy really is an intelligent room sales system. Now we can sell our room much more efficiently than before. Especially in the off season Synergy has proven to be a very important tool.
We also have the flexibility we need to adjust the automated prices upwards or downwards, according to special considerations. And thanks to the many interfaces, our Front Office Staff, our web site, and even our online channels always have the correct prices for every date. And the Front Office Staff does not need to spend time strategizing about price so they appear more competent to the guests.
- Jeanette Busch, Head of Front Office & Reservation

Romantik Seehotel Sonne, **** - Küsnacht
We have installed Synergy at exactly the right moment. Each day it gives us and our guests the security to offer the fairest price for all. We always have the overview of the different prices on our distribution channels. And most importantly for us the service is outstanding. The employees at Active Metrics really are experts in yield management and give us valuable tips and tricks that have helped us immensely. Thanks to Synergy, we were able to keep our revenues high despite weaker occupancy. Without this system, our revenues could never have stayed so high.
- Catherine Julen Grüter, Hotelier

Romantik Hotel Wilden Mann, **** - Luzern
Working with Synergy simplifies the daily routine for sales very much, and this is especially beneficial when introducing new employees. It also saves me time operationally. I could not imagine anymore to adjust all prices and availability in our online channels manually... And even when our strategy is complex, every salesperson still knows our prices for any dates, whether the stay is short or long. Without hesitation I can say that Synergy is a tool which we cannot live without, and which has certainly increased our Revpar… And the helpfulness and commitment of the Active Metrics team - even in difficult times - seems to be inexhaustible.
- Andres Calvo, Marketing & Sales Manager

Best Western Premier Hotel Glockenhof, **** - Zürich
For nearly a year we have been working with the Synergy and we are very happy to be using this system. Especially for new employees and trainees, it is a great help when quoting prices to the guest. Synergy is very helpful and the support team is working very swiftly and professionally.
- Dominique Marti, Front Office Manager

Hotel Coronado, **** - Zürich
Synergy is great at changing all the prices on all channels rapidly and simultaneously. This helps us implement our Yield Management strategies effectively.
- Fabienne Artho, Managing Director

Hotel Belvoir, **** - Rüschlikon
We first heard about Synergy from our partner hotel, Sedartis. Since Sedartis was already very pleased with Synergy, we did not hesitate for a moment to adopt Synergy as well and extend this terrific partnership.
- Martin von Moss, Managing Director

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