Synergy Dynamic Pricing

3 Star Hotels

Hotel du Théâtre, *** - Zürich
Synergy helps a lot with booking inquiries for the coming year, because it anticipates the sellout days a long time in advance. I am personally convinced that we have a definite increase in booking levels and RevPar from using Synergy.
- Isabelle Schiegg, Director

Hotel St. Josef, *** - Zürich
With Synergy, our hotel can flexibly adjust the rates according to the demand and achieve the highes possible RevPar. In addition, the front office team is able to quickly and easily quote our prices to guests and this makes for a more professional impression on all.
- Yvonne Scharl, Director

Sorell Hotel Seidenhof, *** - Zürich
At first, I was concerned about using Synergy to set prices because I thought I would be losing control. Now that I tried it, I see that Synergy is more like a partner and I like it. I think Synergy is easy to understand and handle. As a manager, when you look in Synergy Control Panel you can see ways to sell your hotel better. And the Reception staff have a way to quickly see the right prices to charge without relying on the manager all the time. Overall, it gives us a good way to make better revenue in a short time.
- Mattias Ramer, Director

Sorell Hotel Rüden, *** - Schaffhausen
The Synergy Booking Engine is quick and concise and displays all the details needed by guests who are trying to book quickly. It is very helpful booking channel for us!
- Elizabeth Castillo, Reception

Sorell Hotel Asora, *** - Arosa
Synergy provides for us an optimal solution to managing our online channels and also our website. The booking engine layout is very professional and clear and invites the guests to book. The experience for the booker and for us is all very user friendly! We can recommend Synergy for small to very large hotels because they really do offer the right solution for everyone!
- Birgit Schwarz General Manager

Sorell Hotel Arabelle, *** - Bern
Thanks to Synergy, we can handle the reservation requests in an efficiently, correct and customer friendly way. Working without Synergy is simply no longer conceivable.
- Eliane Zgraggen, Front Office Manager

Sorell Hotel Ador, *** - Bern
Thanks to Synergy, we can handle the reservation requests in an efficiently, correct and customer friendly way. Working without Synergy is simply no longer conceivable.
- Eliane Zgraggen, Front Office Manager

Hotel la Pergola, *** - Bern
Implementing Synergy was one of the best decisions we made at La Pergola hotel. We've been using it for almost a year, and really, I cannot imagine working without it. I would recommend that every hotel give it a try, and I would be happy to talk to any hotelier who is considering it.
- Yvonne Huser, Director

Hotel Alexander, *** - Zürich
Thanks to Synergy the RevPar of our small city hotels grew impressively in the past two years. A pricing tool in my view is only as good as its support, and this is world class in Active Metrics. For this reason, I can recommend Synergy any time with a confidence.
- Felix Helbling, Director

Hotel International au Lac, *** - Lugano
Synergy pricing has allowed us to manage our rate in an efficient and profitable way on all sales channels. For the centennial of our hotel, which targets customers in a variety of markets, it was a priority to find a system that was supported by a team that could adapt to the particular needs of our organization. Synergy and the Active Metrics team has proved to be a great choice for us.
- Roberto Schmid, Hotel International au Lac

Hotel Bristol, *** - Zürich
We are very pleased with Synergy. It is very simple and clear. And all employees of Synergy are very knowledgeable and fast. They answer every question to our complete satisfaction. We especially want to highlight Mr. Ruoss, who always gives advice and practical help and handles our issues very seriously and effectively. We are very glad we have Synergy and we excited always about the new features that are often added.
- Beatrice Weigert, Front Office Manager

Hotel Fly Away, *** - Zürich
Thanks to Synergy, we can now inform our guests instantly about the current daily rate. It is also very convenient that we no longer need to manually update our channels any more. At the same time we can selectively open or close individual channels when we wish to. In short, our work is much easier now and we are happy to have extra free time that happily give to our guests.
- Jolanda Schenk, Reception

Hotel Eden, *** - Geneva
Implementing Synergy at Hotel Eden was a great decision. Synergy helps me to think about strategic pricing in an organized way that is also simple. And I also like the benefit of knowing that my receptionist will make the same offer I would make when quoting a rate. Now, instead of teaching my staff how to strategize, I just teach them to use Synergy. On the first day, they can do it!
- Léo Stadelmann, Director

Hotel du Commerce, *** - Basel
Now we yield almost without thinking. Once a base price is chosen, Synergy automatically adjusts the price according to supply and demand. Synergy therefore facilitates the sale of various room types and rates with varying the daily rate. Even new employees can actively sell rooms from day one, with the security to have offered the right price. Synergy also interface with our channel manager. Finally we have no more manual updating of prices and availability on the booking channels!!!
- Manuela Hosch, Front Office Manager

Comfort Hotel Royal, *** - Zürich
Thanks to Synergy, our interns and night auditors are able to offer the guest the correct room rate at any time. And from the time we started with it, our Average Daily Rate has risen steadily.
- Peter F. Vogel, Owner
Britta Badertscher, Front Office Manager

Hotel Basilea, *** - Zürich
It's great that everybody from the reception team now quotes the same prices, which was previously not always the case. You can easily adjust the prices in the short term, if a very quiet weekend arises. In general, the introduction of Synergy has simplified the work a lot.
- Sabine Kreussel, Front Office Manager

Hotel Alpenblick, *** - Bern
With synergy we can easily keep track of our online prices. The handling is simple and easy and saves valuable time, which can be used for other activities.
- Robert Kneubühler, Manager

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