Synergy Dynamic Pricing

Company Overview

Synergy Dynamic Pricing is a product of Active Metrics, which is a technology company dedicated to delivering dynamic pricing applications that are effective but also simple to adopt and use. Our Synergy suite of products can help many hoteliers price more strategically within a matter of hours.

Technical Excellence:

Active Metrics is committed to continuously improve the functionality and features of its products. To do so the company has invested hundreds of thousands in research and development in the first five years of operation just to build the first prototype. For a period of two years Active Metrics has performed extensive simulation and live testing in several pilot properties where it has worked with hotel managers to further improve its product interface. Through its commitment to technical excellence Active Metrics is able to deliver performing and reliable applications that exceed customer expectations.

Professional Integrity:

Understanding the capabilities and especially the limits of pricing optimization science enables Active Metrics to offer a realistic view on the profit potential for each client. Before investing in our products, our clients are offered product trials to determine for themselves whether Synergy solutions are a good fit and meet their benefit expectations.

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